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Jun 9, 2006
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North central Minnesota
Sixty AOS awards have been granted to to this primary hybrid: (sukhakulii x rothschildianum). Always consistently impressive.


I really like this orchid. It is very beautiful. Some months ago, I bought an advanced plant of the same type. I particularly liked the foliage. The owner didn't want to sell it. I offered $70 and got it. It is doing very well but no sign of any buds yet. The leaves are a little more yellowish but I still think it is my best slipper in foliage. It has two more shoots since my buying it and is a very big plant. congrats Bernhard
Thanks, Bernhard. The foliage looks a little darker than it really is because of the light conditions in the house. I used spot metering on the flower, which was much brighter in the low light conditions.

Dot, this one was sent for AOS judging, but a color break on the pouch prevented it from being scored at that time. The lower flower does have a color break this time. The smaller second flower does not.

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