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A first time bloomer which I purchased in 2005 as a single growth NBS plant... as you can see it has grown fairly quickly, and I'm glad it waited till it was stronger to bloom... looks like I'll get a partly sequential blooming.

Paph Honey - the whole plant

and a close up of the flower -


now, here's the interesting part.... the particular cross of this plant is
Paph primulinum x Paph philippinense fma alba!

Now many of you would know that Paph primulinum is a green flower and Paph philippinense alba is a white and green flower, so this cross shows that the albinistic genes are recessive! (either that or they didn't really use an alba philippinense :sob: )

well, thanks for looking.


I'd go for the P.primulinum fma Purpurascens also as one parent and by the size of the plant the P.philippinense, the alba form being used might be a little doubtful also. Very nice flower, one of the better ones I have seen.
Thanks for the kind comments about the flower...

with regards to it's parents the tag actually specifies "Paph primulinum alba x Paph philippinense alba". This is actually the reason I purchased it as I already have two others using the regular coloured philippinense.

so, let's assume that they did use the albinistic forms of these two species... if I self this plant, would I get any that manifests this trait in the next generation?
If & thats a very big IF, I would think the chance of getting alba flowers from it would be very low, possible but I think you would have to flower a lot seedlings to get one. The reason I doubt the alba parentage on one side atleast is hat there are no alba characteristics in the flower you have. They generally appear in the coloration of the flower.
Good luck to win the philippinense too.
hmm... guess i better just enjoy the flower then and wait till my primulinum alba and my philippinense albas flower... will probably get a better chance of getting albinistic Honey then.

Thanks Roy, it's not like i need anymore philippinense... at last count I have 14 different clones, still it is my favourite species...