Paph. hirsutissimum var. esquirolei fma. viride

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Very nice, congrats. I guess timing really is everything! Any cultural tips?

I like to grow my Paphs in Greenmix (as a window sill grower it seems to help me keep the humidity up - albeit I'm still a bit handicapped in this respect, when compared to the lucky owners of a greenhouse):

"GreenMix for Orchids is a mixture of water-repellent and water-absorbent granulate with added perlite and lignite. The granulate is made from stonewool, the basic element of which is diabase rock. GreenMix for orchids is produced by Grodania A/S"

Our local master grower, Hans Christiansen (whom the albino form of Paph. hennisianum, i.e. forma christiansenii, is named after), participated, if I'm rightly informed, in the development of the product...and swears to growing all Paphs in it.

In our local orchid society there is quite a religious war going on about growth medias...but I guess, it's the same every where - as a friend of mine would put it: "Ask 10 orchid growers about culture and growth media...and you'll get 14 different answers!" :D

This time I seemed to have got the pot size right from the beginning...and the plant was grown in a west facing window...temperature from temperate to hot - there is a bit of cold drafts coming from the window, most markedly at nights...but apart from that the room temperature is about 21-23 degrees celsius.

This is, by the way, the only way for me to play with temperatures - i.e. temperate plants placed close to the plants far from the window pane....well, actually, it's not quite true, as I've established a 'cold room' on the landing of my back stairs under a west facing, sloping window...which has made wonders for my P. charlesworthii...and having helped the growth of my P. fairrieanum, although I still miss to see it bloom!

I use 3/4 spring water + 1/4 tap water...and fertilise once a month, except nov-jan (quite dark months up here north), with Pokon 20-20-20 (NPK 20-20-20 + Molybdenum (MO) 0,0005% Bor (B) 0,0200%, Kobber (CU) 0,0500%, Jern (FE) 0,1000%, Mangan (MN) 0,0500%, Zink (ZN) 0,0500%)

I think, that's about it! :)

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