Paph. HELLO DOLLY (Doll's Kobald x thaianum)

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Feb 25, 2021
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Nice color. I have two in low bud. First time bloomers, so no idea how they look.
The pics Michael Tibbs has on his website are very different from your flower. On his the lip and petals are the same color, and the dorsal is lighter colored.
It is different isn’t it. Had thought about emailing him as he is the source of this plant, I’ll be interested to see pics of your blooms when they pop
This is the pic we mentioned. A very different paph.
I have Michaels permission to use it.
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You can see why that example was selected to represent the cross for sales. It is very much Doll's Kobold and the thaianum influence is also very much present in the shape, washed out color and the markings on the staminode.
Tara's flower is heavily influence by charlesworthiii red color with henryanum shape. I think it is also very cute and different.
Even with a hybrid like this with only three species involved, the results can be quite surprising. That's the fun of blooming out hybrids. :)
It is different isn’t it.
Which is actually not a big surprise - in some clones the influence from one of the parents might be stronger than in other clones, where traits from the other parent might dominate. I haven't got a clue about genetics, but when you look at siblings from the same cross, you will see how different they can turn out.
To be clear I’m very happy with my little paph but I hope the second one is closer to the orig photo on the site 😉