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Jun 9, 2006
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North central Minnesota
Here's the second of three Paph godefroyae that should bloom this spring. For comparison, I've included a picture of the first that was posted earlier. I'll post the third when it opens. This one is smaller than the first and has lighter foliage.

The bottom one looks to have better color and confirmation. I think they are pretty nice.

I kind of like the petal ruffling of the top one, but it would probably be considered a fault by judges. If it does it consitently it might be considered a cool new trait with showing?
Great photos, love them both although the second picture is definitely my favourite.
I'd choose the top one any day ... (ignore the absurdly reductionistic judging system) ... much more elegant and refreshing looking than the bottom one. Also the top one has very beautiful foliage which is a big big plus for me.
Roy said:
The first one seems to be a nice " leucochilum " are they supposedly from the one crossing ??
Both worth having.

These are plants acquired from different sources, both labeled as godefroyae. :) The one in the first picture also has very different foliage than the others that I have.
Well they are correct with P.godefroyae, they just forgot about the leucochilum bit and I believe that the foliage is different. Looking at a website of a grower of only 'godefroyae and leucochilum' I would think the difference in foliage is true with the examples shown.
I'm with NYEric, love'm both.
Very interesting! Thank you for the information. The one designated as leucochilum has a much lighter foliage than any of my godefroyaes and is also different than other plants that I have purchased as leucochilum.

I just did some quick research. Dr Braem in The Genus Paphiopedilum, Vol.1 quotes Masters "But in the present case the clear creamy-white unspotted face of the labellum is a characteristic feature of this variety. The staminode and the interior of the pouch are profusely spotted with purple, but the prominent part of the lip is altogether unspotted."

This description fits the first flower perfectly. I will change the label. Thanks for an interesting and valuable discussion.:)
Happy to add to any discussion. If you look at the flower, the dead 'give away' is the total lack of spots on the pouch. Any spotting on the pouch at all would indicate the influence of 'godefroyae'. True leucochilums have no spots at all. This is also evident when leucochilum is used in bracky breeding.
It tends to pass on the clear spotless pouch effect. The design of the maroon striations in the dorsal are also ( usually ) quite distinct in comparison to 'godefroyae'. Yours tends to be spotting which is not unusual but not common.