Paph fairrieanum v. not sure what you call it

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Rootless Wonder
Jun 23, 2006
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The Great State of North Carolina
Hey guys, this guy was labelled as an album. However it has a light brush of pink on the back of the dorsal. I got this from Lenette's before they closed in horrible shape. It has taken two years to recover and send up this.

It's got very good form. If it has a pink blush I wonder of it might be an alba x typical. I dont' know enough about fairrieanum to know what would happen if a regular one were crossed with an alba.
I have an album x typical that blooms out a very nice pink. I have a hard time telling it apart (except for the tag) from a straight typical. But, that's all I know about how that cross works.
It's not unusual for some album faiirieanums to bloom with a faint blush, they, like insigne sanderae, are different from the typical album that originates from a defect in one of the genes coding for the anthocyanin pathway. The amount of blush is variable from bloom to bloom, sometimes not present at all. A cross with a homozygous typical form would result in all typical color progeny. See the photo of a Candor Green Ice in another post and you'll see another example of this blush coming out, all parents in the lineage are albums. Did you make that connection Tadd?

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