Paph esquirolei

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At least, that's how it's labeled. It came from Ratcliffe a couple of years ago, and I generally trust their labels, but I'm not sure I'd know the difference between this and hirsutissimum.

Anyway, this one didn't photograph very well... but it's better than nothing :)



Hope you like them.

- Matt
Great photo! While we're on the subject; is the person who sniped the 3 esqirolei v. album seedlings [on eBay] from me on this forum?!? :mad:

How much did they snipe it for?
I have not checking the ebay orchid scene lately.

675 esquirolei var. album - Selfing of this extremely rare alba form. -- 4" -- $99.95

Go directly to PIPING ROCK ORCHIDS..... yeah
Unless you've shaved the inflorescence you've got esquirolei as labeled.
The Bulldog send me some photos from Tokio Dome. One was a Cattleya with 150 flowers. Paul, when you read this, wont you place it on the forum please?
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