Paph. Dollgoldi

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Aug 26, 2006
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I still have a plant of this with about14 growths that refuses to bloom no matter what but This plant and another bloom with no special care
Nicely done! I think some of the crosses made with the older generation of rothschildanums are just harder to bloom. I once had a beautiful multigrowth Delrosi that never bloomed for me. Now another OSM member is taking a try at blooming it.:)
Delrosi is a tough one also I had one I bought in bloom so I thought I was safe but that was the last time I saw it bloom. Another person in our society had a very large one and never bloomed it. So it would seem some are meant to only grow leaves.
Lovely...I gotta try to find one in Canada that doesn't cost $150 for a single growth division!
It amazes me the price that is asked, do they sell it at that price? I understand it takes time for roths to mature, etc., so that's part of the reason for the price.
Might you be better off with a different cross that would give similar flowers?Casi Bolles = concolor x Lady Isabel, both have good track records for ease of flowering. I got a compot of Armeniacum x Dragon Tale from Tom Kalina. He indicated similar to Dolligold but should be easier to flower, it's just a matter of waiting for these to grow up, which one might do with even a BS Dolligold!

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