Paph concolor

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This is a second flowering from this plant.
Last year had more spots, but this year the shape is looking better.


Thanks for looking :)

Very nice, now I can't wait for mine to bloom. It's currently growing a new leaf, so hopefully...

Concolor has always been one of my favorites-I never met a concolor I didn't like and this one is no exception. Mine finished blooming early January-lateral petals were flatter and rounder-color looked very similar though. You have done a nice job blooming this plant....Larry
paph. concolor

I just noticed the potting medium-Is this Hydroton? If it is are you successful with this medium for your paphs? I was thinking of trying this with some of my phrags....Larry
Larry, yes, this one grows in hydroton. They're in plastic pot used for phals, lots of air flow in the medium. I water them twice a day and they seems to like it.
They seems to grow better and are more healthier in them with me than in other medium.