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I deside to ask my first question:D

I bought Paph. concolor in last autumn. It was planted in green mix. It didn't look happy and I checked its roots. There was only a few healthy ones and I repotted again - rather fine bark mix.

Last weekend I saw one rotten leaf there so I checked it again. Now there isn't any living roots left. I put it in sphagnum moss in the terrarium.

Can Paph. concolor grow easily new healthy roots? Is it hopeless case?
Paph. concolor is pretty easy to recover, sounds like you've started it in the right direction. We've got recovery instructions at (about halfway down) for this. The next question for you to figure out is why did it rot its roots in the first place?
Thanks Bob! Best explanation of bag-and-spag I've seen, maybe I can actually get it right this time.
Thanks for the link Bob. I'm starting to read right now:)
Btw your webpage is the best. :clap: :clap:
I used the sphag in the bag treatment for a growth of Paph Darling 'Christiane' AM/AOS(no roots) that fell off the original plant . That was 3 years ago and it is now blooming from that growth and has 3 starts.
Member of Brachy. species like good drainage, lots of air movement and moisture. Eventhough concolor is the easiest of the section, it still like to be treated the same as others. Once the roots come out, use combination of medium bark, perlites, lavarock, charcoal and moss.
Thanks Wonderlen for the hint.

If it grows a new roots I have to use more "airy" mix.