Paph ciliolare

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after this bloom opened, I did a bit of research on the species and I was amazed that it has been in european cultivation since 1882!!!

well.. I haven't obviously had it that long, though the lines on my face are starting to show... anyways, enough about me.

Paph ciliolare was discovered by Boxal, described by the younger Reichenbach and introduced into cultivation by Messrs Low & Co.

It is endemic to the Philippines being found in both Luzon and Mindanao.

Paph ciliolare

thanks for looking
No! Just self it :) Nobody needs more maudiae type hybrids :D

I had one of these that was in spike and just about to open (three weeks ago) when a hanging pot broke loose and fell on it... and snapped the bud and top inch of the spike clean off. I have another coming up, but it seems to be on slow motion.

- Matt
Yeah, I have a hard time even deciding what my opinion is on the usual division of species/varieties between this, superbiens, and curtisii - I finally just decided to appreciate all of the nice ones as beautiful variations of a somewhat similar theme and not worry about exactly what it should or shouldn't be called! I'll leave the deciding to those who have had the chance to study many different plants in person and in bloom! Very nice bloom! :)

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