Paph bloom stuck in leaves?

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Jun 9, 2021
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Okay hello, first time poster. I have a paph cascade creek x sanderianum and it is budding! I have not seen it in bloom except online pics.

i am worried that the second bud is stuck in the center leaves? I have no idea what to expect from this gorgeous orchid but she is growing every day noticeable amounts. Really fast growing for me. I call her rapunzel for those long petals she will make. She is in a glass terrarium with grow light and next to a window with sheer curtain. There is a loose black twist tie to help keep the spike upright. The bud inside the center is growing but not UP, more open. I am new to this type of orchid and figured it probably would never bloom for me. Am astonished that it is thriving! i have a ton of different kinds of orchids now and all seem happy but since I have not seen this type bloom, I am unsure of what to expect. Pictures of example or similar paphs would help. Please and thanks everyone!


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Two more pics without blurple grow light


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No one has seen a paph do this? Am worried this is not going to grow up and out of the plant!
Should I give it time to come out? I think as the spike grows it will come out?
My Michael Koop did this in the Spring but the bud was not as low as yours. I let the spike mature and it developed enough for the flower to emerge and have enough room for petals to lengthen. Probably cutting off the bud strengths the plant and the other flowers but……I am too impatient to wait for next years blooming so I left the bud and waited

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