Paph. (barbigerum x Winston Churchill)

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evil genius
Jul 11, 2006
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Norfolk, VA
I'm pleased to say that this is pretty much everything you'd hope for from this cross. Smaller plant size (leaves are much less wide, which does lead to a bit of "floppiness"), but the flowers are still good sized, with a good open stance and a good amount of color, tessellation, and chocolate chips! There's a bit more "ruffle" to the lateral petals than I'd prefer, but oh well. It's still a keeper!

I can take plant and bloom measurements if anybody would like to know.

Click for large size pic.

Really interesting hybrid.
Could you give us the informations about the dimensisons of the plant and the flower.
I think this cross shows us an interesting way to the teacup-Paphs.

Best greetings

Is there poloidy issues with this and simular crosses? Is WC 4N?


It's in a 4.5" pot.
15" leafspan. Leaves 3.3cm wide.

N.S. horozontal: 11cm; vertical: 9.3cm.
Dorsal: 5cm x 5.5cm.
Pouch: 2.8cm x 4.8cm.
Petals: 3.1cm x 6.3cm.

It's right next to a standard complex (which I will take a picture of soon) that has a leafspan of up to 22", and a smaller flower (it would be larger – but only slightly – if it opened more).