Paph. Barbara Glancy 'Principessa's Probably Hanging' AM/AOS

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lightly hirsute
Dec 27, 2006
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Somerville, NJ
Go ahead. Say it. I'm thinking it too.

So with that said, all of the Barbara Glancy's I've seen all bare the trademark characteristics of hangianum. The other one awarded is even more hangianum-esque. Barbara Glancy supposedly is malipoense x Mem. Larry Heuer.

This was taken to the Paph Forum, honestly with hopes someone may know more to the story, as I had asked the grower to shoot it to me straight and got nothing more than what the tag said. My judging team was a late one wading through complex Paphs while AOS judging started, and before I knew it, I was being asked to give a clonal name...which I did.

Enjoy the bloom. More than receptive to anyone's info on parentage/provenance.

(and in typical fashion, the bloomed growth got erwinia, I believe, seconds after the award was given)
A very beautiful parvi. Very heavy hangianum influence. Looks more like a shun-fa golden crossed back to hangianum to me.
Hi Ty, I have one too. I got it from Terry at Pineridge Orchids. He told me he tried to meet the domestic demand for the CITES-illegal hangianum by making this hybrid with legal species. One look at Barbara Glancy and I knew he achieved his goal; it looks very much like hangianum.

I think there are a couple of differences, like the staminode (hangianum has a veiny, wide angular staminode, while Barbara Glancy has a more narrow more rounded-edge one like malipoense) and the pouch (hangianum has a very smooth, round pouch, while Barbara Glancy is more rough and ribbed like malipoense).

These are just features that I've noticed.

You have a beautiful one! Great shape and stance!
The award is well deserved, I like the proportions and the colours of your flower.
I agree with you on the possibility that hangianum was involved.