Paph. A. Dimmock

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I can't take credit for this bloom, I just brought it home today. I saw it and -had- to have it. I knew it was an older hybrid, and when I looked it up, it certainly is. It was registered in 1902. It is a cross of Godseffianum x druryi. Godesffianum is boxalii x hirsutissimum.

I fell in love with the colors and texture. The glossy front, hairy back, stippled purples, shades of green, white, and bold striped dorsal and petals. Just awesome.

My husband still doesn't care for it. :p But, he got a couple things he wants (I just ordered him a big red nobile type den. hybrid) so he didn't protest. :p

Here it is: Paph. A. Dimmock (Alfred Dimmock) 'Black Hunter'


Love the colour and lacquered look look, I wouldn't have resisted either. Maybe don't sit the big red Den next to it thought, that might just clash.:D
You can take credit for great pictures, it looks great thanks for posting them. Jim.

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