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OZ Phrag

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Wow! OZ is friggin dangerous!!!!
Here is the tag for the Phrag in question:

Could not leave empty handed!

Besseae flavum

And then there is this one....

Sorry for the crappy car I-phone pics. Luckily I had my black fleece vest for a back drop.


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Phrag Ralph Gouldner w/ a flavum grandparent. Very interesting. I traded my Ralph Gouldner to Bill Gouldner. Thanks for the info. Let me know when its dividable or if you want to trade for something.
Eric, it is a three growth plant with a previously flowered, current flowering and one new growth. When the time comes I will let you know when it is dividable.

Kinda thinking about crossing this one back to a besseae....thoughts? Worth the effort? This flower is worthy?


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Eric--I e-mailed you on EBAY. I have another piece of that one if you are interested. [I tried to put the parentage on EBAY but listings can't be modified within 12 hours of end]
OZ is in Castroville.
We accept visitors by appointment only as we have a lot of plants to take care of.

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