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Jun 7, 2006
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I need some advice on the level of organization to include in the Paph primary hybrid photos page:

I used to have it organized into 7 tables, 6 for the intrasectional hybrids and 1 big one for the intersectional hybrids.

It is now organized into 21 tables, 6 for intrasectional and 15 for intersectional. The intersectionsal hybrids are divided into each possible section x section combination.

The question: Is this too much organization? Should I return to the 7 table system?

I think it's fine the way it is. The only thing that I would suggest is allowing some sort of zoom function cause its kind of hard following the lines on the grid.
Personally, I like it, but I am all about over-organization, so you might not want to pay much attention to my opinion.

I'm really happy to see someone carrying on this sort of thing. Antec's pages have always been key for me when looking up primaries, but having updated photos of newer clones and parents is invaluable in my opinion.
I think the categories are fine, Stephen. However, there is a awful lot of scrolling one must do to go back or forward to another category once past the initial list. What would you think about repeating the intrasectional/intersectional links between each group? Or maybe a "top of page" after each grouping? Or both.

By the way, I really love the coupling of the hybrid with it's parents throughout your site. It is really helpful.
Thanks for the suggestions!

I have added a 'back to top' after each table and hyperlinked the big image so that each colored block links to the appropriate table.

Hopefully I can find some simple java-type thing that will add a zoom function to the top image. I have struggled to find the right balance of image size vs. resolution vs. file size. It's a lot of data to squeeze into a small space.

I really like having the parents right next to the thumbnails of the hybrid. It's interesting to see what traits each parent contributes.

Some day I will have at least one photo of every possible primary hybrid!

Nice, love the linking on the site.

Perhaps a link to an enlarged jpg of the grid??

or if you want more fancy. If you dont have the link already.

maybe the "zoom menu animation" is worth a look?

I used this website a couple of years ago for their code. They have great javascript code. Just copy and paste! :) The only thing with the code is that it may not be consistent in different operating platforms and internet browser applications. But if you're aiming mainly at i.e. viewers its pretty much safe.

Just wonder, what program do you use to compile your website?
Thanks, Stephen. That helps a lot.

Marco, I hope Stephen isn't aiming mainly at I.E. users. With browsers like Firefox and Opera that are cross-platform, and much more secure than I.E., I cannot imagine that there are as many I.E. only users anymore.
I have a problem understanding the uses of color.
I think you should use primary colors and semi translucent combinations so it will make more sense. Look at a color wheel and how one color is derived from other colors.
I tried the whole color-blending thing in the graphic and all the boxes ended up with colors that were too close to one another. So I decided an at-random approach would at least distinguish the groupings. The graphic, rather than providing specific info, is more aimed at showing what % of the potential hybrids between two groups (or within one group) have been made (e.g. almost all the potential intrasectional parvi hybrids have been made).

Roughly 2500 potential primaries! So far I've got about 4% of those...

From what I've been told, adductum is nutso difficult to grow from flask, so even the primaries aren't common. I've had 7 of ~25 seedlings from my OI flask survive.

I use Firefox, myself, so I will not be using the IE specific things. The site Marco recommended does have a bunch of cool non-specific things that I could try, though. I use Frontpage to manage the pages. It sucks, but I don't have anything better.


If I haven't mentioned it recently, your site is absolutely incredible!


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