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Sep 15, 2008
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Johnson City, TN

I have question regarding how the orchid hobby intersects with CITES and the Lacey Act.

All paphs are CITES protected and so considered endangered. Under the Lacey Act there can be no trade in endangered species... CITES permits enable international trade but how does it work domestically? The Lacey Act also effects interstate trade. If the plant was imported legally does it and it's progeny then escape the Lacey Act and then how? Does there have to be some evidence of provenance to satisfy the act? But when I buy a paph species online from a US vendor nothing about the act and provenance are raised.

Any information about how these laws work together would be much appreciated. The tropical fish hobby is having trouble because of Brazil classifying a lot of fish endangered but many of the species have been bred in the US and European hobby for decades, being bred by hobbyists since long before they were declared endangered.

The Lacey Act affects illegal trade in endangered species. If a plant has been legally imported, there should be no issue whatsoever.

In theory, imported plants have cleared of the legal burden at that time, so there is no further consideration.

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