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kentuckiense said:
I've been toying around with the idea of subscribing, but I need the final push. Any opinions on this publication?
You missed an excellent article on complex paph breeding in this issue... And a very good one on phal breeding. And lots of other useful information.

I recommend it highly.
Thanks for the input, guys. It sounds like it caters towards my interests: the scientific side of things; new species and the like.
It is currently the best orchid periodical I can think of...still very paph oriented, as it used to be years ago (first Jack Fowlie was editor....loved paphs, massacred the English language, reconstructed taxonomy in ways that have never been seen again....now Harold Koopowits is in charge, and doing an excellent job...) much more so than the AOS disappointment called "Orchids"..great articles, great photos....my only complaint is that there are only 4 issues a year. By all means, subscribe ...you will be very happy with it. Take care, Eric