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Just wondering how many got this email too?
Will be interesting to see if it's a good alternative to ebay as people are getting tired of the fees.

Forgive me for being so forward with this, I'm trying to get the word out about a new site, Would you mind passing this along to your members? Thank you in advance, Mike

Hello from Florida,

If you love orchids, succulents and exotic flowers and want to find more growers, enjoy bidding or want to get your own plants & supplies to a larger market come register on our site!

www.theorchidauction.com is directly focused on the orchid/tropical plant market, the content is exactly what orchid lovers are looking for, and there are no baby shoes or furniture to distract.
Credit card or bank routing numbers are not required to sign up and sellers receive an instant credit of $20.00 (roughly your first 80 auctions) to give you a break while you're acclimating and enhancing your customer base.

Auction Setup fees: Special listing fees:

0.00 - .99 free Home page featured $ 5.00
1.00-9.99 .25 cents Category featured $ 5.00
10.00-24.99 .50 cents Highlighted item $ 1.00
25.00-49.99 .75 cents Bold Item $ 1.00
50.00-149.99 $ 1.00 Buy Out $ 1.00
150.00-249.99 $ 2.00 Make offer $ 1.00
250.00-499.99 $ 3.00 Additional Category $ 1.00
500.00 - 999.99 $ 4.00 Relisting reduction 50% off(relist 3x)
1000.00 + $ 5.00 Want Ads $ 1.00
Reserve price $ 1.00

There are no back fees, or end of auction fees, no hidden percentages, no surprises. What you see above is what you can expect. You can also choose monthly or per auction billing and stores will be available in the future as well.
It's easy too. If you've already got online auctions or website listings just copy and paste them into the description box and upload any images that weren't transferred. Help is always available if you find you need it.

So join now! Just click this link www.theorchidauction.com it only takes a couple of minutes to get registered and you're on your way!

Oh, and not only did I create the site, but I'm listing there as well. Please don't forget to tell your friends.



Mike Bradford
The Orchid Auction .com


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Jun 9, 2006
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Elk Grove, CA
It's been advertised a bit. I've seen it. Ebay has its knocks, but it's got a huge audience. It's always hard to compete with that.

Eric Muehlbauer

Many years ago there used to be an orchid auction site. It didn't last long, but for a while I was getting some decent plants.


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May 16, 2010
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N Calif, USA
I got it too, to an email address I rarely use online, so I too wonder who they are and how they got my address. As to whether it'll fly, I doubt it. Kinda hard to compete with eBay.



Many years ago there used to be an orchid auction site. It didn't last long, but for a while I was getting some decent plants.
Yes! That was bid4orchids.com, what a cool site is was. It actually worked as a real auction; item did not close until activity stopped. No last second sneaky bids. Oh please, bring back bid4! :sob: