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Jun 9, 2006
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Halls Gap,Western Victoria, Australia
( edit : Oldie but GOODIE ) ( thick fingers )
Hi folks, this is a pic of a very old cross remade. The color in the flower was true before the flower matured and then gradually went to absolute GOLD. Its P. Crossianum 'Gold Strike',
insigne x venustum. ( the colored version looks blurrrrrrrrrr )


Would like some pollen from either P.armeniacum or similar to put on it.
I think it might create some easy grow golds to die for, what do you think??
That's a nice flower and an excellent idea, Roy. I tried a similar idea with Paph Orion (concolor x insigne), but it failed to take on the first try. I hope I'll have armeniacum pollen available the next time it blooms.
Eric, the best I can do is this pic of my small table top display from last year at a show. Every plant I had out went on it.
The Crossianum is "centre left" between and below the softcane dend flowers.
Its not a good shot of it but you can se how gold it was.

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