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Feb 14, 2008
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Seattle, WA
This near-primary hybrid and its siblings came from a flask I set out over 20 years ago. They never got attacked by bugs or pathogens, but never really grew all that much either. They just sat there. Small and unflowered for years. And sat there some more. Every year at repotting time when the other perennial non-performers got their ticket to the compost pile, somehow these managed to get a pass. Last year one finally flowered and it was, at best, unremarkable. In fact I didn't believe the label because it was just not very believable. This year the petals are much wider with more intense color, the form is hugely improved, and flowers are generally at least four times better than last year. I'm starting to believe this hybrid is truly what the label says.

Please tell us who you think the parents might be.

Berenice or Julius x godefroyae

Close enough! It is Paph. Dark Desire (Berenice x godefroyae) There is NOTHING in the foliage to indicate that a brachypetalum parent is involved.

Here is the photo from the previous flowering on a little single-growth plant:


And once again this year's flowering. Same plant, just larger and more robust:


Let's really push it. How about Julius x charlesworthii?

Wow, Ruth - that would be pushing it. But it's something I'd like to see!

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