Odd Blooming on Phrag. Apple Pie

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Jun 6, 2006
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One of my recent purchases was a Phrag. Apple Pie, which arrived in spike in August and has been slowly progressing. Though this plant has seemingly stalled twice, it is now moving along again. However, I'm noticing that it is going to bloom in a strange way and I wonder if anyone can comment on the genetics in it's background.

Phrag. Apple Pie is Magdalene Rose 4N (Eric Young x Beauport) x besseae
Eric Young is longfolium x besseae and Beauport is Hanne Popow (besseae x schlimii) x sargentianum.

So, the plant has a lot of besseae in it's background. Surprisingly, it is forming buds much differently than anything I've seen before. There are three flower bracts and each one has a bud maturing at approximately the same rate. More like a long-petaled caudatum type. It does not appear, at this time, that it is going to be a sequential bloomer, as I would have expected.

The only thing I can think of is that perhaps something in the longifolium or sargentianum might be causing this? But they are sequential as well.

OR, the plant is not what I think it is. :)

Any comments? Anyone bloomed one of these yet?
I don't really have an answer or theory for you, but it sounds like it has the making for a great hybrid.
Are you saying that you dont spend money on electricity so that you can spend more on plants? :poke: I am lucky that the electricityis charged into my coop maint. bill, i.e. lights, fans, ultrasonic foggers, water pumps, etc 24 hours a day. Wee! By the way, where did you get yours in spike?!?
Awww, that's so sad..in the dark, peddling your generator to power the computer. I'd say it's time to move again so that the only need you have for artificially light your plants is to give them extra light/time. :poke: I have never heard of Orchidaceae until twice today. I'm going offpost to look them up. Thanx for the info. E.
Okay okay...took me a while to get some even halfway decent photos here...

Each sheath shown here has a bud inside, growing. It is hard to see but maybe you will get the idea?



Now I'm even madder!!!:viking: A dalessandroi hybrid!?! I gotta get one soon...[I sound like Heather] Too bad I just purchased some of the new Orchidbabies hybrids. If I get my purchase order check I can get some of the new Woodstream plants too [if they ever pick up the phone]. Maybe they're w/ Glen in S. America. Also waiting to see if the Ackers flasks are available as seedlings. Weeeee! "Mo' money, Mo' money, Mo' money!!!"