October Cypripedium macranthos alba

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Aug 28, 2006
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This is a plant that broke dormancy while being shipped last fall (a common problem that I have experienced with macranthos) and was finished with growth in March. I have had it in the refrigerator but took it out nearly three weeks ago (I hope to be able to get it back on schedule by the 2009 season). I admired the plant last winter in that it is a very stocky, hardy-looking plant while many macranthos that I have are a bit delicate looking. It is now blooming and it has the nicest flower in shape and size among mac alba's that I have or have seen; a real beauty. I have tied my hands behind my back to keep from selfing it - I need to have the self-control to let it grow fast and go to sleep so I can get it back on schedule.



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