Non multi-floral paph with two flowers?

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I just got this Paph. Ruby Cicada 'Stars 'n' Stripes' x Hsinying web 'Bufo'. This particular flower does not have any multi-floral species in its line, so why does it have a second bud as seen in the picture?

I got this plant for $7.99 at Trader Joe's while I was supposed to be picking up some snacks. The main flower is not all the way open, and it was beat up a little from the plastic wrap around the plant, but I thought the two flowers were interesting.



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I have found that "Maudiae" type paphs are very likely to produce 2nd blooms when grown under lights. Also, within a species, various clones are more floriferous than others. For example, callosum far more likely to produce double buds than single. I once had a Maudiae that regularly produced 3 buds on an inflorescence...unfortunately, the last bud always had such a weak stem that the bloom hung face down. Take care, Eric
I have a collosum sublave that has started a spike. Maybe I'll get a double! That was an interesting article thanks for the link.
I think if you look at any non multi floral Paph you will find that there is what could be another bud hidden in the bract under the flower, bud. Its only on rare occasions that it will form up. I have a Paph call Colonist 'Wellington' ( complex) that regularly produces 2 flowers. Its a problem because they usually distort each other. The odd times it has one flower it can win in any show.
Could you not just pinch the second bud off?

You could but by the time you see that there are 2 buds, particularly on complex paph, the damage is done. The second and usually minor bud has already put a large dent in the pouch of the main flower which ( here ) is classed as a deformity and the flower cannot be judged. If it is a breeding plant atleast you can get 4 lots of pollen.

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