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I recieved this plant as a gift to practice Paph culture with. I received it about 2+ years ago. Well she finally bloomed for me. I have asked on another forum and they think it is Rothschildianum. I thought it looked like that from the beginning, but I also thought to myself. No one would GIVE me a roth to practice with. So I am trying to confirm the ID as it came to me as a NoID plant.










I like your friend....tell her I'm a newbie who has never grown a paph before...and I really want to get started .... just tell her that. Now I know what they mean when they say "ignorance is bliss"! Man did you luck out! Take care, Eric
pure roth. BTW Great job!! what do you win for such great practice, sanderianum??? Welcome to the forum..stick a round:clap:
Slipperking I wish it did mean I got a sanderianum. I am seriously thinking about buying one of those when I get back from MN. Definitely when I get the tax rebate check LOL. Sanderianum has to be my favorite. Followed closely by Roth.

Hello Kentuckiense. Yes I had to ask in multiple places to get as many opinions as i could on it. I am rather proud of myself LOL. I really think it was the temp drop in the GH that caused the plant to bloom. It got down to 45 a couple nights in the GH. Yes it was to the detriment of a couple other plants, but nothing too major. everything survived. I had a couple cold night before I could get the second layer of plastic up and so the heaters could not keep up.
I think your friend should give you more plants to experiment on since you did so well with this one.
I'll send you my address and forward it to your friend!! Welcome to the forum. Nice roth.

Thanks Everyone.

I know everyone is dying to know who sent me this plant. The sad thing is I can't remember. So unless they speak up on my other board I haven't a clue. All I remember is he posted a thread that said he was cleaning out his NoID plants and was wanting to give some practice plants to newbies with paphs. I spoke up and he sent me 2 plants for the price of shipping. Now for the life of me I cannot remember who sent them to me.
Very nice color. Smooth, round, shiny petiole and staminol? roths. usually more angular and striped. It look more like (William Amber [roths. X wilhemianae] X roths.)
Very nice color. Smooth, round, shiny petiole and staminol? roths. usually more angular and striped. It look more like (William Amber [roths. X wilhemianae] X roths.)

Yes, like you, I'm not sure it's rothschildianum but I'm not an expert.

What's the size of flower?
From side to side without distorting the flowers any it measures just shy of 6 inches across.

The plant looks shiny because of the flash. I don't have a very good place to take a good color picture.

Now the roundness you can see and I don't know myself. That is why I asked. Although everyone says that once you cross roth with something the staminol changes so I dunno.

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