No Kidding, Glow in the Dark Cats!

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I haven't looked at the link yet, and I also saw it mentioned on CNN...........but, the gene for fluoresence (or is it phosphorescence?) from a jellyfish is used as a "marker" gene in genetic engineering. The transferred gene is transferred along with the fluorescence gene, so if the "product" glows, then they are sure that the gene was successfully transplanted. There must be people on the list who have more expertise and can explain it more coherently......Take care, Eric
Thanks for the link Candace! I remember "Alba", the green fluorescent bunny and recall reading on green fluorescent pigs but never saw a pic of them.
I think the first genetic engineerd orchid was also with the same gene (luciferase gene). This gene was put into dendrobiums that made the flowers glow in dark. The only problem was, that these plants were short lived, as the glowing process, took too much energy out of the plants.

So how do you guys feel about the possibility of genetic engineering orchids?

for me, it depends on how they're engineered. if you can engineer them to clean my house, i say go for it!