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Jun 9, 2006
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Halls Gap,Western Victoria, Australia
Finally received my new plants.
Pic 1.....the collection

Pic 2.....fairrieanum alba x sib

Pic 3.......roth seedlings

Pic 4......tranlienianum x 2 plus conco-leuco x kolop' which should be Conco-bellatulum x green Lark, wrong label supplied I think.
The RED thingies in the mix is a volcanic rock which we call 'Scoria'. The digital camera makes them redder than actual. The scoria can be used for almost anything including S/H. Its analysis rates well for plant culture and it doesn't break down.
The roth crosses by label are: " Salt & Pepper x Giant Wings " and
Giant Wings x Black Star.
There is some dispute over the name "Giant Wings", thought is that it should be "Great Wings", seller said he wrote what was on the label. If anyone knows anything about Giant Wings, please advise. I know Great Wings.
I have also seen pics of " Black Star " and WOW!!!!! is it nice.
Interesting trivia, most of us realise that growing roths from flask is like watching paint dry. One roth cross was deflasked Jan' 06 and they are 8"
( 200mm ) leaf span the other deflasked April 06 and are 6" ( 150mm ) L/S
I have info that roths are being flowered in 5 years from flask now because of the select breeding. Hope these are the same.
Just to add interest, I will have 2 each of Paph helenae, mastersianum, esquirolei alba, barbigerum, supardii & gigantifolium outcross seedlings arriving in a couple of months.:evil:
Nice purchases, Roy!

The fairrieanums are very drool worthy, and the thought of the mastersianum and supardii is getting me all worked up!

Would you mnd sharing your source for these beauties, please?

They are great Roy! They look like they've been beautifully grown.

Congratulations on getting them.

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