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Just got some nice big paphs from Pine Ridge:

Paph Ho Chi Minh
Paph Lyro Suncatcher
Paph Delrosi

I hope my Ho Chi Minh will look as nice as the ones that were posted here.
i've recently learned about Lyro Suncatcher. i need to keep reminding myself, i'm a species snob. no hybrids. i'm a species snob, no hybrids. i'm...
i mean, enjoy and happy growing.
Here are pics of the new acquisitions./ Left to right: Ho Chi Minh, Delrosi, Lyro Suncatcher. The bottle of Bayer spray is for scale since I don't have the usual coke can. If there's some way to add a larger, better resolution pic, I'd like to know what it is.


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Well, I hope the Delrosi is a BS plant. If not, then it's taking up more than its share of space.
I hate imageshack period. And those popunders are infuriating. Isn't there some better way to post full-sized images here?

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