New Paphothallid hybrid created!!!

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Jun 9, 2006
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Elk Grove, CA
I think I'm going to have to turn off my phone and not answer e-mails for a while because this may be the find of the century. People have been trying to cross paphs with phrags for quite some time, but I've managed to cross a pleurothallid to a paphiopedilum. Don't believe me? I have proof!! If anyone is interested in an interview, you may contact my agent.

Is that the first bloom? Might turn out okay next time... that's if there's a next time for this one.

I bought mine before realising what I was getting myself into :sob: Hope it doesn't turn out like that.
Are u sure???? Is this a cross between paph and pleuro??? Whatever it is it is beautiful!!!! Nice hands, too...:wink:
This is what it looked like last year, so I think it was reacting to the cold chill I gave it.

It's got another bud that looks normal, but yikes this one turned out ugly.
So was the Pleu the pod parent? I'll have to try that myself, NOT! Maybe you can get a JC for "pedaless paph"