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Hey guys! I haven't been around for awhile, but here I am now with two new goodies! This first one I got when I started my job around two months ago. The bud was really tight and I didn't know if it would open, but I came home from work one day and voila! It hasn't completely opened yet, but I couldn't wait to show you guys(sorry in advance for fuzzy pictures-shaking with happiness hahaha:) ):

and even better, look what popped up recently!

On top of that, I think my parents are warming up to my growing paph addiction, and my dad bought me a Paph. Michael Koopowitz today. I hope it will open! Believe me, my camera is already waiting. :D
Michael Koopowit is a particularly nice addition. I was thinking we should do a Slippertalk Spotlight on it actually....

Mine is one of the shorter petaled ones, but I am going to give it one more blooming chance before I work to find a longer petaled clone.

Congratulations on your new aquisitions, Lisa!

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