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Jun 7, 2006
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Hi all,

Does anyone have a line on where I can buy fine CHC in bulk? My usual source, Kelly's Korner, is sold out on their site and not returning my emails. I checked other sites and found medium CHC, but no fine.

I need 2 cubic feet or a compressed bale.


Better order fast. When they sell out, they are not restocking. I'm ordering a bunch before it's to late.

Are you talking about Roberts Supply? I've found a local garden center that has (or maybe had) large bags of CHC but the price was higher than Roberts on a per cubic foot basis. However, the material is very clean and contains no fibers, just cubes. One size only though, what I would consider small/medium CHC, 3/8-1/2". I've seen a number of hygroponics stores that carry CHC but it seems to be in larger sizes than what I normally use.
I haven't talked to Nancy since our last live Michigan Orchid Society Palm Sunday Show (pre COVID). I used to be able to pre-order and take delivery at the show. It saved quite a bit on shipping charges. Do you know if they're considering retiring or just downsizing. It would be a shame as they are a great source of orchid related materials and relatively close to me here in MI.

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