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The show and sale is this weekend at the National Arboretum, and I took a few photos. I really, really hate the lighting in this room - I was there last month as well and I'm sick of it. Anyway.... photos are here and I hope I got the exhibits matched up with the correct exhibitors. I realized too late that I wasn't keeping track very well.
Ahhh.... looks as though Marriot was in attendance!
I will have to go through again out of slideshow mode so as to see the titles. What was that long-petaled Paph - do you recall?

Thank you, Ki. National Capitol always seems to have a lot of nice displays.
Oh - was that Orchilla Ed Merkle's by any chance? He's been posting it around and about this week.
Hi Heather -
don't know about the Orchilla - it was in the display by the entrance and I don't know who put that one together.

which longpetaled paph? There were quite a few in the displays, I think.....

- - -

A tip for flickr slideshows. In the slide show, clicking on a photo will temporarily pause it and pull up the title of the picture. (Often, the grex)

It also gives you a link to open the picture in a new window. If you do that, you'll be able to see (1) any additional description I may have added under the picture (2) any "notes" I may have placed on top of the picture , and (3) any tags I attached to the pic.
Beautiful show! Thank you for taking us along...

The Paph Predacious is wonderful!!!
oh that one. And I just noticed that I wrote that it's (adductum x adductum) underneath.... just corrected it. I wish more tags had real parentage info on them.
great photos. :) I love the predacious. howd you do the pop up bit on each photo like the one for the Floradise Orchids' Display photo??
it's a feature in flickr - "add a note" :)
I like it a lot and it's one of the reasons I use them for my photos.
It was an excellent show this year!

And I totally agree that the lighting in that room sucks. At least they had a few lamps set up this weekend. At the paph forum last February I could hardly take pics since my point-and-shoot digital couldn't even focus in the dim light.

I only saw one multifloral paph on display, the Predacious that Ki posted a pic of. I think the multiflorals tend to bloom February to June (?) in the northern hemisphere.

There was a not-often-seen callosum albino in a display, but I forget whose:

Marriott had a great display of about 20 paphs. I ended up buying a villosum 'Marriott Color Sunburst' x 'Candor XL' and an Elfstone x White Legacy (in-spike). I was very proud of the restraint I showed in just getting the two plants. They had a concolor with no purple in the leaves and great form in their display:

Every year I walk out of the paph forum swearing to get a DSLR. And then I spend the $ on orchids instead...

Here's a totally useless shot of Marriott's display. John said he took more photos of them so maybe he'll be able to post.


And here's a ridiculously blurry shot of the right side of Woodstream's display.

Heather said:
Oh - was that Orchilla Ed Merkle's by any chance? He's been posting it around and about this week.

I think no, although this is just a guess. Ed posted somewhere that he bought his from Merritt Huntington who used to have an orchid nursery in the DC area. I would guess the one at the show was another division belonging to someone else more local.
Great Photos, thanks!

That Paph charlesworthii is so big and round that it almost looks like a hybrid rather than the species.

- Matt
Dc Show

I love when everyone posts photos of shows that they have visited. I am in the market for a DSLR camera and would appreciate any advice.

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