Mystery Paph, sort of

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Just call me Tom
Jan 12, 2008
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Kyushu, Japan; warm temperate/subtropical climate

OK, a bit of mystery here. I bought the plant on the right as P. fanaticum, but once it flowered realized it probably wasn’t that after all. Years ago on this very forum it was suggested it might be P. Ranfan Quartet the complex hybrid between P. Lola Bird (P. emersonii x P. micranthum) and P. Norito Hasegawa. I also have a couple other parvi paph crosses and though the other plant was one of them until I realized that both plants were the same cross. Several years back I divided the plant and this is the first time they’ve flowered in synchrony. Amazing how different a flower can look on separate plants, or separate flowerings.
It has delenatii, armeniacum and micranthum in it for sure. It would be impossible to tell how it was mixed up. In what order and how much of what and such.
One possibility I think is Hsinying Armanda, which is Magic Lantern x armeniacum. Or Hsinying Pink Ball, which is Armeni White x micranthum.

I doubt it is Fanaticum. The stamonide clearly shows armeniacum influence. strongly so.
If it has emersonii, it will not be the direct parent since emersonii primary hybrid has staminode with very distinctive emersonii shape.
Definitely not Fanaticum. A lot of the plants mentioned by you and Neal are not available here except from through Eric in Canada or Matt (Ten Shin) and I know very few blooming size of those complex Parvi crosses are in North America. I like it but would be guessing as to the exact cross. Thanks for sharing.

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