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May 27, 2007
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This is a case I put together with scrap wood from around the house. The construction is not that great, but it does it's job. It has 1/4" hardware cloth around it to hang plants from and then mylar around that. I also put 4 mil plastic around the whole thing and hung it in front with velcro dots going down the side to keep it sealed, I put peat moss in the bottom and threw some water in it. When it is all closed up the humidity goes up to 75% but it will probably be less in the winter.



I think there may have been a better choice than the soggy peat moss, but nice project dude!
cdub, I was going to put rocks on the bottom with some live moss on top, but my friend works at a garden center and he told me they had some broken peat moss bales, so I figured I'd grab one of those for free I'll have to deal with all those fungus gnats...Maybe I'll get some Pings. (I forget how to spell the whole name)
Eric, I actually left a 2 inch opening along the whole width of the case on the top back as an air escape and the bottom front is just hanging and not velcroed shut (just the sides), so there should be good air flow from the bottom front to the top back.
Is it a wardian case if it's not enclosed? I don't know. As long as you can make a good atmosphere. If I can clean the pemanent algae/muck out of the case maybe I'll move the case near a cracked window and try some stuff in there again.
Good Job!

It kind if looks like a cage I built for my Iguana's about 15 years ago :D

Definitely post pic's when you get it filled up!
here is the case now, full and fully operational. And also a pic of the Pleurothallis schiedei I got from los osos that is starting to spike.


3' x 3' x 4' high...If I made it on its side I could have fit in more plants, but where I wanted to put it (it isn't there now, didn't fit when it was assembled) it would have fit perfect with those dimensions. Oh well, live and learn. The plants are doing great though!
what are the average day and night temps? Also humidity level?
What is the combined wattage of the lamps?

Looks good - the important thing is the plants are happy!
That's one awesome pleuro!
Neo guy - right now the temps are about 70-75 during the day and 55-60 at night, humidity is between 60 - 75%. The lights are 23 watt (100 equivalent) so thats 115 watts (or 500) There are 2 full spectrum and 3 warm.
Thanks for the info, I have a terrarium with lights and have trouble keeping it under 80 degrees! This is especially a problem in the summer as the terrarium temps are about 5-7 degrees warmer than the house.

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