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Aug 19, 2006
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London, UK
I will just list them first and make comments after.

P. armeniacum
P. delenatii var nigrescens (= dunkel ?)
P. Armeni White
P. Delophyllum

P. conco-bellatulum
P. conco-bellatulum X bellatulum
P. Wellesleyanum

P. gardineri (whatever this is officially?)
P. Berenice

P. liemianum
P. NOID (close to glaucophyllum)

P. henryanum
P. gratrixianum
P. coccineum
P. Transpiceranum X barbigerum

P. hookerae (v hookerae)
P. hookerae (v volonteanum)
P. tonsum v cupreum
P. purpuratum
P. NOID Maudiae coloratum type
P. Black Jack
P. NOID (looks like Maudiae with sukhakulii)
P. NOID (X sukhakulii)
P. Juno

You may notice a bias toward small to medium plants because of space limitations. I grow indoors on humidity trays. I also like patterned leaves ... indeed the tonsum I bought at the London Orchid Show as a young plant ... it was the colouration of the leaves that did it ... since it has flowered I realised that this species has a wonderfully restrained and subtle beauty and a very long lasting glossy flower. The P.coccineum I bought just last weekend at a show from a well known UK orchid nursery and was warned by someone to keep a record of my transaction.


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