My Paphs of subg. Cochlopetalum in 2024

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Oct 23, 2006
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This is the first of my Cochlopetalums which is flowering this year and it's the first time flowering of this plant. The year is still 'young' and maybe there will be others flowering this year, too. We will see.
The photos is a single shot with a wide focus area and the aperture is 13.
Paphiopedilum dodyanum:


Sylvain (Mafate) asked me in another thread if I had used photo-stacking to increase the image sharpeness...and I said, no I didn't. But one of my photo editors is able to manage this method and now I tried it for the very first time.
The next photo of the same flower is assembled from 5 single shots with a lower aperture, only 8 and every one with a different focus area.

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I can't tell any difference with the photo stacking, can you?
William, the differences of deep field focus are not so clearly visible if you take a photo of a single flower but they are there. If you look closely you will see more sharpness in the centre of the flower and at the ends of the petals. In both cases you can see every single hair clearly and sharp.
This method really makes sense if you want to take (a) photo(s) of a spike with more flowers. If you want you can increase the deep field focus a lot and picture all flowers and all part sharp. The more single shots with different focus you use for stacking the more the whole photos will be sharp.
Have a look at my photos in this thread .... first two photos were taken as single shots. There is always one flower pictured sharp and the other slightly blurred.
The third photo of Paph. haynaldianum is sharp in all parts ..... but of course it isn't a must but more a playing around.
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