My paph's funeral....

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Dec 9, 2006
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Penang, Malaysia..d home of fabulous paphs.
My paph glanduliferum has passed away due to basal rot..:sob: It will be buried tomorrow morning an a tiny, secluded area of my garden. For obvious reasons, it shall not be cremated. Burning its remains is a no-no in order to reduce air pollution..... All are welcome to say your last goodbyes.....:evil:

Btw, on a happier note, paph niveum and conco-bellatulum/wenshanense will be spiking soon. It is interesting to note that paph conco-bellatulum/ wenshanense grows and blooms very easily in the tropical lowlands of Malaysia, despite originating from the high mountains of Yunnan, China....:D
So I guess you learned something from this experience right?? Can you share so the same thing doesn't happen to anyone else. :poke:
hi, joan! it was my mistake, actually... i thought that paph glanduliferum could stand as much sun as the other multifloras, so i put it in very bright sun... only a few days later, half of a growing fan had burnt, leaving ugly brown marks. well, as you can guess, it didn't heal even though i cut off the affected parts and placed it in a much shadier area.... oh, well... i guess we grow n we learn.....
should've used some of lance's herbal tiger penis, works every time and only $9.99:)
bwester said:
should've used some of lance's herbal tiger penis, works every time and only $9.99:)
Well I used some of the treatment from Lance/Gonewild on a Cam's Cloud that wasn't doing too well and it seems to be coming back so we'll see! :wink: