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Aug 28, 2006
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Columbia, MO
I purchased this orchid, Paph. Goultenianum ‘France’ x Paph. farrieanum album ‘Hsinying’, from a local shop four months and three days ago and the original blossom is still hanging in there. I think that is pretty cool. What is the longest you have had a Paph hold onto its flower?

Here is a picture of the flower when I first bought it:


And what it looks like now:

the longest i have held onto a flower is about three seconds. i have a short attention span...
oh, wait a minute, you mean the plant that held its bloom the longest... i get it now...
Paph superbiens. two, maybe two and a half or three months.
(i've heard mastersianum can hold a flower for three months in the jungle. i wonder how long it lasts in culture...)
I hadn't compared the current state of the flower blossom to the original color until now, but the color change is interesting. Does anyone know if this Goultenienum x farrieanum cross has a registered name?
I think 3.5 months is my longest, for paph hybrids.....For species, I once had an urbanianum that lasted 3 months....but overall, as long lasting as paphs can be, anything over 6 weeks for a species, 10 weeks for a hybrid is great...Take care, Eric
I usually get at least 2 good months out of maudiae type hybrids, and three isn't that unusual although the flowers start to get a little tattered by that point.