My kovachii x besseae

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Rootless Wonder
Jun 23, 2006
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The Great State of North Carolina
Well, since recieving this wonderful seedling, I have been trying to figure out how to grow it. I have decided to try growing it S/H style. Lance (gonewild) was nice enough to donate some "old style" primeagra to me for this experiment. It took me a week to find the right size cups. :) Here it is today, and it has a nice new big root coming out. I had it in a clay pot with sphag, but we shall see the progress here....


WOW!!! :drool: I want one!!!! Nice healthy plant.

I still cannot believe that kovachii and its hybrids are now available in the USA. But I do see them for sale now. I would love to buy one, but they are still rather pricey and I'm afraid that I would kill it. I would hate to kill one.

Think I will wait for a while.....

but then, maybe not. :evil:
Good Luck Tadd !
Did HP give you any growing advice ? He told me he grew his in higher light...kept it about 8 inches from the light...he didn't say what kind of light. He gave it a 2 month drier period and higher fertilizer...instead of 1/4 tsp he used 3/4 teaspon..this was to get it to bloom...might be different for a small seedling ?
NYEric said:
Thanx for the photos and info. I still say that's one heck of a "gift"!
Should'nt Lance get some credit for the prime-agra as well. After all, that is what the pk needs to stay alive.

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