Mosah, my new Savannah Cat

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she is beautiful Jon...enjoy her!

I now have 2 dogs and a cat. The cat is mistress of the house...alpha cat!
I had to save my daughter's boyfriend's dog from it a couple of months ago. The cat backed the dog through 2 rooms and had it trapped under a chair. She was an abandoned stray that I found starving one winter's night.
I would get a cat but I'm afraid of it eating leaves, anyone know about that?

"Must resist temptation!!!":evil:
I guess my family is nickname prone...You guys know all of mine. I always thought Heather was nickname proof but no...Yesterday I got called 'Feather' at work for the first time since about, um, third grade? Red and Muffy are preferred, thank you. :rollhappy:
I've seen plenty of Phrags with chew marks on them at local apparently they taste pretty good. I haven't had any problems, but the only plants not behind closed doors to Mosi are a Banana tree and a Bat Plant.
I had a Home Depot Phalenopsis that my kitties used to love to chew on. I didn't mind so much as it was an inexpensive plant and they seemed to leave the other plants alone. Maybe you'll get to be so lucky. I find that kitties like to chew on wheat grass which you can buy at your local pet store. Saves on the orchids! :rollhappy:
The only orchid my cat has seemed remotely interested in is my Maxillaria tenuifolia and probably because the foliage is grassy. That one goes on the top shelf out of her reach...
I had problems with Phrags and Mosi. The orchids initially occupied her favorite sunny sitting spot. I realized quickly that the way to arrest the issue was just to fill the space so full that there was no way she could access it any longer. :evil: Solved the problem!
Oh my! That's the best excuse, er - reason, I've heard to purchase more plants!
Finally broke out the good camera ;)




So, she's really affectionate, huh? I have a lovely 16yo kitty (whom you all know) but Mo's getting up there and I'm not the kind to wait so when she goes I'll be looking for a new baby. I need some company in bed. (SSHHHH Eric!)
I was thinking of a ginger/peanut kitty but this has me so interested. Her markings and temperment seem so lovely...keep us up to date please, Jon...

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