Mosah, my new Savannah Cat

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Jon in SW Ohio

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Jun 9, 2006
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Springboro, Ohio
The newest member of the family, she is a "rescue" from a friend who's mom was ready to drop her off on a corner after getting her in a recent divorce. She's a Savannah Cat, which is half Serval and half Bengal cat, but she's a 3rd generation so not quite as crazy as some of them can be. She is surprisingly mellow and much more dog-like personality wise than any other cat I've met. She is also insanely affectionate, which I always thought was rare for a female cat.

She's only six months old, so still has a little more growing to do, and is the size of a regular house cat now. Her purr and meow are roughly twice as loud as a normal cat, and can catch you off guard when you're not expecting it.





Congratulations on your new family member! She's gorgeous! I love cats and have three of them myself. Two are rescues and the third is a registered Burmese. I love them all!

I do have to admonish your friend's mother though for even thinking about dropping her off on a street corner. People should never do that. Taking an unwanted pet to an animal shelter is a far better thing to do than to force them to fend for themselves. I'm really glad to hear that you were able to give her a good home.

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Congrats! I'm not a cat person BUT I'm very attracted to the spotting & patterns of this type & the more doglike in personality, well who knows, maybe one day.......
as they say never say never!
I want her. You can give her to me. That's OK. My other cats won't mind. If they do, I don't care.
LOL Heather, I call her Mosey. I have no idea how much bigger she'll get, hopefully a little bit at least ;)

Her heritage is Serval which are African cats, and Bengal which is a hybrid breed between domestic house cats and Asian Leopard Cats.

I finally found her some wild catnip and trimmed her off some "buds" and WOW has she been lovey-dovey since...
Hahaha...I've had Mo for, um 16 years now (!) and my SISTER still cannot get her name right. It's been a good name though - lots of cute nicknames. partner when we got her wanted to name her either Butros- Butros Galli, or Catabunga. My opinion was that if the former, we would need three cats, or at least two - Butros, Butros, and Galli. The latter actually stuck. Mosi became Bunga, and then Bunny, and then Bun Bun. So she's Mo, Moey, Bun, Bunny, Bun Bun, Bunny Bun, the Bunginator...tater, tater tot, Bitey Bite, Freshy McFresh goes on and on and on!

It's funny...a day after we got a new puppy in May, named Binne (which means melodious and sweet in Gaelic - and fits! but is named after a stuffed animal guinea pig I had as a 3yo) was called "The Binster" and that has stuck as well (note, I didn't call her that, a friend of mine did...)

I guess my family is nickname prone...You guys know all of mine. I always thought Heather was nickname proof but no...Yesterday I got called 'Feather' at work for the first time since about, um, third grade? Red and Muffy are preferred, thank you. :rollhappy:
Get an iPhone, Robin...there's an app. called Ambiant and that is one of the sounds for sleeping noise - cat purr. :)

Hmmm... I'm probably more of an Android and thus T-Mobile G1 sort of girl though. Truthfully, I avoid phones whenever possible. Email only on my business cards. Besides, why would I need iPurring when I can relax to the sound of sirens all night because I live a block away from a hospital the size of the second Death Star? At least my big male Persian buzzes like he's going to burst when in a good mood--it's the spastic Exotic Shorthair who stopped doing it when he grew up.

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