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Oct 25, 2018
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North Queensland, Australia
I bought this from a local supermarket (Coles) about an hour ago. The other buds aren't in good shape - and fortunately nobody bought it. I noticed it right away and grabbed it in a split second hehe
This one has honey-dew melon colours. It really looks like it. And it glitters/sparkles under regular lights, and even in the shade under natural light. I took these pics in the shade - without any direct sun. No flash.

No ID .......... and that is no problem at all.



Hi Tara! Thanks for your message. If you are using android mobile phone with firefox browser, and if you see a 'cross' (with red-coloured background) somewhere on the browser tab ------ then changing settings to disable the 'enhanced tracking protection' will unblock the images.

And for devices such as iPad using Safari browser --- a 'fix' is to go into Settings, Safari, Advanced, Experimental Features, and turn off the various features (or even all of them to begin with) ----- where one or more of them is causing the image blocking.

If you have a secondary browser - a different one ----- then temporarily try that one too.
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I've got a bunch of NOIDs. I'm primarily a species person, so happily relate to my NOIDs on their purty flowers.

Absolutely Carl. No ID is nice in a lot of ways. A bit of mystery is nice! With this mini phal here, that I spotted yesterday - it was like a finding Cinderella experience for me.
That's such a pretty flower! Lucky plant to find a home with you! I'll look forward to seeing it in full bloom next year.

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