Masdevallia schroderiana finally blooming!

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Nov 19, 2022
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I've had this plant for at least two years. It would produce lots of new growths but wouldn't bloom. After repotting my small collection of masdevallias into fresh sphagnum I set up a special space in my laundry room for them. I am able to close off this small room to the rest of the basement where it is located so it doesn't get any heat during the winter heating season. During the winter at night with the door closed it gets between 55 and 58 degrees. During the day I open the door to the room and let the heat from the rest of the finished basement seep in. The temp gets to the mid 60s. There is a heat vent in the room that I keep closed during the winter but open during the summer to let the air conditioning cool the room below the rest of the basement.

My efforts have paid off! All the plants are growing like weeds including this one. I have a couple of red coccineas and a couple of yellow coccineas growing and a couple of veitchianas there too. I'm hoping they will eventually bloom as well.

Masdevallia schroderiana #2.jpgMasdevallia schroderiana #1.jpg
I will certainly post pictures of the others if they bloom. I think they are probably a year away from blooming. They were rather abused for a couple of years until I came up with the growing environment I described above. Quite frankly I was quite close to throwing all of them into the trash. Glad I didn't!

Thank you all for the kind remarks.

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