Masd. Sunset Jaguar 'Wildcat' AM/AOS and Masd. White Angel

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Really happy with the masds as I was able to keep the spike and bud from blasting and to see them bloom. Love the flowers on both plants. The Dend kingianum is a faithful bloomer for me. Hope you like the photos, Barbara



I have my kingianum in what I call the dend basket, which is a (hanging) basket filled with misc dends. Since it's hanging ouside the north side of the house, the plants are hosed down whenever I'm outside. I've never fertilized the basket and really don't give it any special treatment. It does get some morning sun; then bright light for the rest of the day. I hope this helps a bit!

Thanks for the nice comments! Barbara
I have a few other Sunset Jaguar clones in spike and looking forward to seeing them bloom!

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