Manzur La Aldea flavum x kovachii ‘Ken’s Best’

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Feb 19, 2013
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This is from @ThienNgo Le, aquired from a trade back in October 2020. Hoping he has more info on the name of the cross. I have not looked it up and this is a first bloom seedling for me.

I didn’t have much time for the pictures today and my attempt at removing it from the growing table was thwarted by cattleya roots creeping into the bottom of the pot.. so that’s as far as I could get it off the table 🙂. I’ll have to try again for natural light.

Potted in a grodan/ perlite mix. It’s in a plastic net basket that has been tucked into a taller cymbidium pot. A method I was experimenting with using grodan on cattleya and phrags.


love to see how the flower changes over time...

i would have expected something closer to Maritza Rolando (hanne popow x kovachii) yours seemed to get a stronger besseae influence in the petals with some of the schlimii/manzurii pouch influence.

definitely like it... :)
Lovely! Plant looks relatively compact too, nice flower to leaf ratio! Congrats!

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