Lycaste "Red Jewel" in bloom

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Thank you - I up-potted this into a clay pot. unfortunately, when the first couple of blooms opened it was so top heavy with the plastic pot, it tumbled over on to the floor and I lost several unopened buds (would have been a much better show if that had not happened :( - I have had this orchid for a few years now and it so far always puts out its flush of roots at the same time that it blooms so I am kind of scared to do a true hard re-pot but guess next year I will even if it causes it to blast all of its flowers for that year.
The bottom of the pot I have large lava rock for drainage. I have it planted in 1 part coconut husk 1 part extra large perlite and 1 part charcoal. Seems to like that mixture for me. However I did grow it in a clear plastic pot that it had badly over grown (growths were hanging at the edge) when it started blooming it became top heavy and fell off the table and broke several buds and leaves and a new growth. So I up potted it - not disturbing the roots into a clay pot so I will have to see how it does in the clay vs. the plastic. So far the pseudobulbs have continually increased in size so I will see how this growing season they do with the clay pot. I am just sick knowing how much better it would have looked if it hadn't fallen off the table and lost the buds and growths it did :( I plan next time if it does well in the clay to do a hard repot to give it all fresh growing medium.
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