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Jun 7, 2006
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San Diego, CA Zone 11a
I suspect I was supposed to want to paint it because of the veins and leaves, but it was the graceful stance of the growth that made me bother with it in this context. The color of the light is one I see often looking out the window past my drawing board. At this time of year, the twilight is also filled with hundreds of crows swirling past our 15th floor windows, much to the delight of one of my cats.

Anyway, the title is Twilit Ludisia, it’s 11" x 14”, and watercolor and pastel on 140Ib cold press paper:

THANKS, Eric! Geeze, it's the compliment of a lifetime, though I suppose I'm looking less for those and critiques here than self-employment tax fodder... Still, thanks. It's no good to look like an idiot, and an 11' x 14" painting could be quite grotesque were it not done in the style of the Bayeux Tapestry!
When I went to Pratt Inst. I met an artist who painted these gianormous paintings which is weird to me because I work w/ a lot of miniature stuff. Nice painting BTW.
depends on what you mean by specimen size...

Evidently they don't like to get hot. They _love_ terrariums. I have to prune the ones that I have in the terrariums every other month or they would take over.
Nice! I like that one a lot…all of the jewel orchids. It’s possible I’m as much of a foliage person as I am a flower person actually. Also a fan of a root peeking out here or there…I put my paphs in translucent plastic so I can see them—functional too. I’m sure I’ll get around to painting a Macodes. Not working on anything “orchid” at the moment.
I have some, but not as big as he wants. Unless he wants a tank full of frogs and other plants to go with it, and that gets expensive to ship. *grin*
You'd probably want to pick it up in person... I can only imagine the fun FedEx would have tossing a vivarium around. "Hey Max, listen to this!" - crash, tinkle, squish "Do it again, Max!!! Please!!!".

So, truck rental, gas, time... Cheaper and quicker to grow it from scratch, I think! Really, get a 10 or 15 gallon aquarium, and throw a few Macodes petola cuttings in there with some sphagnum moss. Cover it with something (a sheet of glass or an aquarium hood), apply a bit of light, and stand back. You'll have to take a weed-whacker to it in a year.
beautifully done, at first glance I thought I was looking at a photograph.

I will have to check to see if my Ludisia is in bud.

Eric, what was your major at Pratt? I have also killed a Macodes petola
The painting is so beautiful. I love the coloring of both the plant and background, especially the blended blues.