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Jun 7, 2006
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San Diego, CA Zone 11a
It's probably past time to share my paintings from this summer. Unless you're looking for realism or straight botanical illustration, there's probably something here you will enjoy. Everything is more stylistically tied than may be readily noticeable; choice of paper plays a big part in that. They are all MUCH nicer in person, especially the landscapes, because they involve a lot of subtle coloration (as opposed to minutiae) that doesn't come across as well online. Enjoy, and please do contact me if you're interested in a particular piece:

Robin Street-Morris. Evening Shoreline.
2008. Watercolor and pastel on 300Ib hot press paper. 13" x 17" (33.02 x 43.18cm).


Robin Street-Morris. Hotaru-gari II. 2008.
Watercolor and pastel on 300Ib hot press paper. 7" x 10" (17.78 x 25.40cm).


Robin Street-Morris. Mexipedium xerophyticum. 2008.
Watercolor and pastel on 300Ib cold press paper. 10 1/2" x 13 1/2" (26.67 x 34.29cm).


Robin Street-Morris. Paphiopedilum purpuratum. 2008.
Watercolor on 140Ib cold press paper. 8" x 10" (20.32 x 25.54cm).


Robin Street-Morris. Cypripedium fargesii. 2008.
Watercolor and pastel on 140Ib cold press paper. 11" x 16" (27.94 x 40.64cm).

I'm glad you guys are enjoying them!

And Joanne, that's exactly what I'm going for. I almost always have photographic references around from my walks and travels, but I rely mostly on memory for my landscapes--it's contours, colors and bits of light that I remember most about places, with evening and dawn being my favorite times of day (evening especially). To me, the color of the light is most beautiful then, and all of the animals I like best are finally out and about. Slippers aside, evening-fragrant flowers are my favorite as well.
Enthusiastic, but not "I must have it now!!!", interest was expressed in a number of this year's slipper-inspired pieces by fellow forum members privately. In case they are still in the backs of your minds, these works have gone to loving homes in the last month or two: Cypripedium fargesii, Mexipedium xerophyticum, Phragmipedium Fire Cascade and Paphiopedilum jackii (Luna).

I appreciate the inquiries, and rest assured there will be others when the bug bites me. I've been focused on landscapes and commissions in recent months, storing images of my orchids and those grown by friends for future use.

Robin Street-Morris. Food or Fuel?
2008. Watercolor and pastel on 300Ib cold press paper. 9" x 14" (22.86 x 35.56cm).