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Jun 8, 2006
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Albany, N.Y. USA
I have had my greenhouse for 2 years. The side vents are opened using a Dayton Model 2E206 line voltage ventilation control (also known as Dayton temperature Control 2E206) to tell the motor when to turn on and off. We noticed this morning that the calibration was way off. All the other 3 vents (top and side) where open with the exception of this one side. I had to adjust the temp on the gauge to down to 65 degrees before it opened. It was 77 degrees in the greenhouse at the time. I do realize that these are not exact. There is maybe a 3 degree variance before the vents open or close.
My question is, is there a way to recalibrate this control or must I just buy a new one?

Bob in Albany, N.Y.
i'm only familiar with wadsworth stuff, and even then i don't know how to calibrate or adjust it.
do you know if the vents are on a short time delay or not?
I do believe that it is on a short time delay. I've vacumed it and blew air into the control. Bottom line is, it still works its just that I have to adjust threw trial rather then just looking at the dial and setting it. I did a little research and see I can buy a new one for around $50 to $70. I've spent all morning and part of the afternoon fooling with it (looking for warranty papers, vacuming, blowing, and just plain staring at it). With the time wasted I should probable just buy a couple and forget it.j


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